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November 2009
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Mutton Pulao

November 9, 2009   

Mutton Pulao1 I am not sure how to describe this dish- it’s the epitome of everything I find delicious and nostalgic. Just thinking about it makes me happy. So when my Mom came to visit us, this was one of the things she cooked. It brings me back to childhood- the creamy savory rice with a burst of sweet raisins- and the meat- oh, the meat is out of this world!

I have made this rice dish in the past but with chicken. It really tastes different with goat though- which is really my favorite. I love the flavor and the texture- it’s very much like lamb. 

The goat meat is cooked with lots of whole spices, onion, garlic and chicken broth. The pieces are then taken out, cooled and sauteed in oil and cumin seeds. The rich and flavorful broth is used to cook the goat and the rice. The flavor is unbelievable- some people really like biryani– which is a dish of rice layered with a meat curry and then the whole thing is baked. This is better because the rice is cooked in the rich broth full of spices- a lot better!

Definitely try this dish- it is a bit labor intensive but so worth the extra work. I would recommend it for the weekend or even a Sunday dinner. You will end up creating the same memories I have of this delicious dish!
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