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November 2009
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Tangy Potatoes and Spinach

November 25, 2009   

Potatoes and Spinach This is a very quick and yummy side dish. I had leftover potatoes- perfect for thanksgiving time- everyone has leftover potatoes. I love when I am able to come up with something completely different with a leftover ingredient. I happen to have baby spinach in my fridge as well- although frozen spinach can be used as well. This is one of those pantry dishes I love making- there are not that many ingredients in this dish. One ingredient that may not be as readily available is aamchoor. It is essentially powdered dried mango- it had a great tang to it. If you can’t find it, lemon juice can be substituted instead. Although the aamchoor flavor is quite distinctive.

As I mentioned above, this would be a great dish to make after thanksgiving. It would also be a great side dish for the turkey dinner. In fact this will be perfect with any meat entree through the week- since it is so quick and easy to make.

I will be cooking and keeping an eye out for recipes from now till Thanksgiving- to give you ideas for the big turkey dinner. Did I mention it’s my favorite time of year? It really is- I start by collecting all my favorite cooking magazines for November and coming up with a menu for the big dinner. As I do that, I will share it with you all and would love if you would do the same. I would love to know what you all cook and love about Thanksgiving.

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