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November 2010
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Scrambled Eggs with Peppers and Steak

November 9, 2010   

Scrambled Eggs with Steak and Peppers I still had some of the steak and vegetable mixture left from the other day- about half a cup. I came downstairs to my kitchen Saturday morning and wondered what to make for breakfast. It is my favorite time of the day- no one is around and I love being in my kitchen by myself.

I was going to do the usual coffee/tea, toast/GG crackers but then I thought about the steak mixture I had in the fridge. I decided to use it up with some shredded cheese and eggs.

I took out some eggs and beat them up with a bit of salt. I added chopped cilantro and the shredded cheese into the egg mixture. That was it- I sauteed the steak mixture in a non-stick pan and added the eggs. I folded them gently while turning the heat down.

I served the eggs with warmed whole-wheat tortillas and it was delicious…
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Apple Cranberry Salad

November 8, 2010   

Apple Cranberry Salad This would be a perfect salad to serve for the Thanksgiving dinner. It has all the fall/holiday flavors going on. I have been using apples in everything I can.

A friend was coming over for dinner and I was making lasagna. I decided to do a simple salad with sliced crunchy honey crisp apples. I then added cranberries- because you can’t have a holiday salad without them. Plus I love the sweet and tangy burst they provide to any dish.

I then started to think about the dressing. I love the combination of cranberries and orange- so I decided to squeeze a big naval orange and use that as a base. I added some apple cider vinegar and honey and soon had a delicious salad dressing.

The whole combination was delicious and went really well with the entree. It is quite versatile and will go beautifully with the big feast- enjoy!
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Cauliflower and Yellow Pepper Stir Fry

November 1, 2010   

Cauliflower and Pepper Stirfry This is a super easy stir fry to make during the week. It is healthy, vegetarian and delicious. I started with cauliflower florets drizzled with tamari and olive oil. I roasted them in the oven to brown them up.

I cut up a yellow pepper, onion and garlic and sauteed them with the cauliflower florets until the vegetables become soft but not mushy.

The sauce is extremely easy to make. I essentially looked in my pantry and grabbed a bunch of bottles. I mixed tamari, hoisin sauce, ketchup and sweet chili sauce- it tasted delicious.

I added the sauce and mixed everything together and that was it. A bit of garnish on top completed the dish. I served it with brown rice and everyone enjoyed it. My daughter doesn’t care for peppers but somehow she ate them up in this dish- I don’t think she could taste them.

This is a great way to serve vegetables to your kids.. they will love it…
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