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Hello There,

My name is Monica Puri Bangia. I live in Maplewood, NJ. I was born in Delhi, famous for its Northern Indian cuisine. My mother is both a fantastic cook and my first teacher. I studied at the French Culinary Institute in NYC. My personal passion is Italian Cuisine. I come from a family of food-lovers. I worked in my family’s deli/restaurant for many years after I graduated from college. I realized soon after that food is where my happiness and interest lies. I love to entertain and feed people. I love to see their look when they eat the food I have prepared with lots of love and care.

I want to impart the same love I have to other people who find cooking challenging or not as pleasurable. Cooking with good ingredients is very important to me. You can make a simple dish very pleasurable as long as it is made with excellent ingredients.


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I made your eggplant (with peanut sauce) and roasted brussel sprouts tonight. Just delicious. Thanks!

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