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Jamie’s Food Revolution Resumes…

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Jamie OliverIt was a bit unclear why the show stopped airing on ABC once the month of May began. After looking it up on line, I realized it was all a ratings issue. May is the month when all networks put on their best shows to boost their ratings and viewership. Jamie’s show was not doing as well as last year so they put it on a hiatus until the May sweeps were done. I guess I understand their reasons but find it very sad that a show like this couldn’t make it in.

Anyway, it is back and it is nice to see Jamie back to the good work he does.

It was interesting to see the exchange between the young girl and the restaurant owner. I can see the girl’s point of view and how she thinks the fast food joints are the reason for her family’s diabetes problems. I can also see the owner’s point of view and how everyone has a choice.. but the problem is when people don’t have time or the money to prepare healthy, fresh food for their family, they go for the easy, fast food.

It was shocking to see how many high school students did not know where butter, chocolate or cheese come from. It is our responsibility as parents to teach our kids about food.

I am quite strict about what my daughter eats when it comes to candy, etc. I can’t wait for her to see when Jamie goes over how the candy is made and what all goes into the crap that is out there in the supermarkets… worth a watch and very eye opening.

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