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Last Day In Berlin!

April 19, 2016
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So, here we are- last day of our vacation…. I so look forward to a trip once we book it, which is usually almost 11 months in advance as we usually have at least 2 seats on miles- so we try to do it ASAP…My favorite part is the anticipation of a trip- I love it… Of course I love the trip as well, but the anticipation lasts way longer than a trip. The other thing I love to do is go home… my daughter always asks me the last day of a vacation, “are you happy to go home”? and my answer is always, yes!! No matter where I am, how exotic or fun the place is, I love, love coming home…
Anyway, our last day started around 10 after we finished breakfast. We headed back to our hop on hop off bus and went to the museum island, where all the main museums are..what a smart can even buy a combination ticket for multiple museums. We wanted to visit one and I had done some research on the most popular and it was called Pergamon Museum that has artifacts from Mesopotamia, Syria and lots more.


We got there and there was a bit of a line… so we decided to wait- turns out it took forever to get in…so if you are going, I would recommend you buy tickets in advance and make reservations so you can walk right in….although the wait for us was totally worth it… the museum was amazing – a must see, in my opinion. After spending a couple of hours in there, we got back on the bus and decided to go to a department store called, KaDeWe– a high end clothing store with the most amazing food hall on the top 2 floors… the choices of gourmet foods was mind boggling…


We looked around and then went up to eat… I got the most yummy cheeseburger and my husband got a weiner schnitzel… his was okay… but mine was great!



We had a delicious Rose wine with our meal and finished it with a delicious chocolate mousse… picked by my daughter… overall, it was a great experience. We came out after a while and decided to walk around a bit and do some shopping.
About an hour later, after visiting a grocery store- which is a must when I go to any city, we returned to our room. We bought a bunch of small wine bottles from the store as the wine here like other European cities is yummy and cheap!
So, that is it- time to wrap it up. As usual it was a very enjoyable and yummy trip. Of the 4 cities we visited, I would want to come back to Salzburg, although it doesn’t need a lot of days.. and I would come back to Berlin – as it is a very big city and one needs a while or many trips to explore…

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