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A Few Days in Lisbon- Day 1

March 10, 2013

A visit to Lisbon was a last minute decision for us. Since it is fairly close (I guess relatively speaking!), compared to the rest of Europe, that is.. we decided to go for it. We couldn’t get a direct flight and were scheduled to stop over in London for a couple of hours. Regardless, we would be in Lisbon the next day quite early. continue >>

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Chinese Broccoli with Ground Turkey

March 6, 2013

I served this dish with the lo mein. I love, love Chinese broccoli. I try to get it any time I see it. Unfortunately I don’t find it very often at Whole Foods. Since I was in the Asian market, I promptly bought some. I used the dark soy sauce to marinate the meat and cooked it with the delicious greens. Next time you want to make delicious Chinese food- try this one… continue >>

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Lo Mein with Broccolini

March 5, 2013

Who doesn’t love noodles, especially those of us who try to watch their carbs through the week..

I recently purchased a bottle of dark soy sauce at a local Asian store. I love going into that huge, mega store. I can’t recognize majority of those ingredients but it is so much fun to roam through the isles. I try to use a little amount of soy sauce since it has so much sodium. With the dark soy sauce, a little goes a long way.. continue >>

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Almond Flour and Agave Brownies

March 4, 2013

These brownies are healthy and amazingly delicious. I urge you try them. The best part is that they take hardly any time to make and bake. My daughter has a major sweet tooth and try to come up with healthy options for her to indulge in. This is definitely one of them.. continue >>

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Indian Fried Fish

March 3, 2013

This is my first attempt at fried fish. I tend not to fry very often- usually twice a year when I make a specific meal for which I make pooris, which are fried breads. Other than that, there is no frying. continue >>

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Chinese Style Fish

February 27, 2013

I don’t end up ordering fish dishes in Chinese restaurants- mostly because majority of the dishes are deep fried. It is generally a whole fish, deep fried in a delicious sauce. Since I gravitate towards healthier food and even though I love anything fried, I stay away from it. continue >>

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Sauteed Green Beans with Mustard Seeds

February 26, 2013

This is a delicious side dish that I made within minutes. The great thing is that it can served with any protein or a rice dish. One of my favorite cuisines is South Indian food- I love the different spices used in these dishes including mustard seeds and curry leaves. I especially love the combination of the two. It creates an amazing, earthy flavor. continue >>

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