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Porto- Day 2

June 29, 2015
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So we are done with day 2 and I am thinking I really like this city and I want to come back… but for now let me tell you what we did…. I woke up by 8 and did a quick 10 minute exercise routine, got ready and ate a yummy breakfast, including cheese, rolls, fresh fruit, amazing yogurt and the most delicious freshly squeezed orange juice- the taste was like I was eating the juiciest oranges ever… and of course an amazing cup of coffee. It took a long time for everyone to get ready and leave the apartments… in fact we didn’t get out till noon… I guess when you have 13 people, it takes a while. We took a bus to the old part of the town and by that time it was time for lunch. We found a local restaurant in the big square… the meal experience was okay… everyone’s food took forever to come and when it did, it wasn’t so good. But mine was quite good, octopus with a side of fried potatoes. The octopus was grilled and lightly dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and salt.. I really enjoyed it.20150628_152034

We then walked across the old bridge to the other side of river Duoro to Gaia which is another town. That is where a lot of the Port houses are… so we took an hour river cruise and then walked around and went for several Port tastings- including the Tawny, Ruby, White and Rose! All were delicious and we bought a few bottles to bring home to enjoy later. The weather was beautiful- mid 70’s to lower 80’s. We walked around and evetually made our way back and found a local eatery where I had the most amazing pan seared salmon and a bowl of charred Padron peppers which are kind of like shishito peppers but even yummier. We ordered a  bottle of rose which had slight bubbles.. it was all delicious and a finish to a very nice day! 20150628_21345320150628_214134

We walked back to the apartments and got together with some cheese and port and enjoyed another hour or so before it was time to call it a night. We discussed plans for tomorrow but couldn’t decide on anything… so stay tuned!

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