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Tag: Asian style chicken

Roast Chicken with Orange and Ginger

Orange Ginger Chicken We had just come back from a party and had some cauliflower manchurian which is a Chinese style dish with Indian flavors. I decided to make it for dinner but needed a protein to make with the veggies. I thought of chicken and decided to roast dark meat pieces with some Asian flavors. I thought of tamari, orange juice and ginger. I had lots of oranges in the fridge and decided to use them up. I reduced a mixture of orange juice, tamari, honey and ginger to make a delicious glaze for the chicken.

I placed the chicken pieces on a cookie sheet and poured the glaze all over and roasted the chicken. In retrospect, I should have saved some glaze to pour on top of the chicken once it was cooked. The chicken pieces came out all dark and gooey with the glaze all over them. Remember to line your cookie sheet as the glaze creates quite a mess once is cooked.

The chicken was delicious with the cauliflower and some brown rice. The cauliflower recipe coming up tomorrow…
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