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Tag: mango desserts

Mango Fool

August 26, 2018

1 large ripe mango, peeled and pitted and cut into pieces

1 small lime

3 tablespoons honey

½ teaspoons vanilla extract

1 cup heavy cream

1/3 cup fresh mango, chopped


Transfer the mango, 2 tablespoons honey and juice of a lime to a blender. Blend till a puree is formed. Keep aside.

In the meantime, whip the heavy cream with 1 tablespoon honey and vanilla extract till peaks form.

Take ½ of the cream out and fold in the mango puree into the remaining cream. Fold well and transfer into 4 glasses. Top with whipped cream and garnish with fresh mango.

Mango Yogurt Panna Cotta

July 29, 2010

Mango Yogurt Panna Cotta I made this for a dinner party we were having. I served a panna cotta that my cousin made for fourth of July- it was a vanilla coconut one with a mango sauce.

For this dinner I decided to experiment with a low fat version of a panna cotta. Usually this summer dessert calls for cream mixed in with gelatin. I used non-fat Greek yogurt and a bit of half and half. I heated the half and half and melted the gelatin and sugar before mixing it with the yogurt and the mango puree. That was it- I poured the mixture into containers and

I love making this dessert since it is so simple and quick to make. The low-fat version was an excellent try and a bit hit. It was a great combination of sweet and tangy. The mango puree brought it the delicious tanginess and the yogurt provided great creaminess without any of the fat.

Try this dessert for your next summer get together- it is delicious!
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