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One-on-one coaching is the perfect way to get your feet wet with preparing new dishes. Each cooking class is customized so you can learn how to prepare the meals you want. Whether you are a novice or just want to expand your culinary repertoire, you will have a fun and an enriching cooking experience.


You can gather some friends and family for a fantastic cooking party. This is great for a girl’s night out, birthdays or anniversaries.

All cooking lessons will be held in your own kitchen or mine. Plan on spending about 1 1/2 hours per cooking lesson depending upon what meal is being prepared. We will come up with enticing, easy to prepare dishes customized to your taste whether they are new dishes you always wanted to learn or some old classics. We will prepare and cook two to three dishes while going over chopping skills, prep work (to save time) and how to best organize spices, etc in your kitchen. We will cook with fresh organic ingredients while enjoying a glass of wine.

Private cooking lessons allow you to reserve a time that suits your schedule without the hassle of traveling to another location (if you choose to be in your kitchen). The personalized attention that you receive guarantees you will learn the necessary skills and have any related questions answered.

Other Services

  • Kitchen and pantry inventory- and suggestions, hints and tips
  • Shopping-where to go, places to shop- I can accompany you as well
  • Organizing your kitchen- to optimize your cooking experience
  • Table decoration, how to set up the dishes, wines, aperitifs
  • Help with short notice dinner parties




Hello, Are you doing a Valentine’s Day cooking course for couples? If so, I am quite interested in finding out more. please contact me at your earliest convenience!



Hi, unfortunately I am away for Valentine’s Day but am happy to schedule something the following week if you are interested.
Let me know- thanks.


Hi, what is your rate for a one on one cooking session at your location? I am looking to get this as a gift for my husband. Thanks


Hi there, one class is $150. It is an hour and a half.
Let me know if you have any more questions.


Hi- I’m looking to give my husband a cooking class as a “date night present” for Christmas. How much is a class and how long is it? Is it at your location and where is it? How far in advance do we book? Thank you for the info!


Hi there,
What a great idea! A class is $150 for an hour and a half. It could be at my location or yours.. I am in Maplewood.
When were you thinking of doing it?
If you want I can mail you a gift card to present him on Christmas.
email me at for more questions or comments.


Does the $150 cover everyone in the group, or is that the price per person?


The $150 cost is for a private class- you can have 2 people with you. For group classes (minimum 5 people) is $50 per person.

Erin Weaver

Hello, We are looking for a chef to run a private cooking class in Westfield for a birthday dinner on Jan 7. Are you able to send information? There would be 14 adults.

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