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Who are the classes for?

  • For those who want to have fun while learning how to cook
  • To uncover the gourmet hiding inside you
  • For those who find planning and shopping for the week a nightmare and panic if unexpected guests drop in
  • For anyone who gets stressed about dinner parties and would like to be able to relax and enjoy spending time with their guests
  • For those who would like to share my favorite recipes, hints and tips.

Why should you take the classes?

  •  To learn something new and feel more confident
  • To better manage your shopping and therefore your week
  • To learn to organize a great pantry and cope with unexpected arrivals
  • To take the stress out of organizing dinner parties
  • To understand that great cuisine really can be simple, fast and delicious


Currently private classes are being scheduled. Please call Monica at 973 214 2016.

Cancellation Policy

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy after which there will be a full charge for the class.

Classes subject to cancellation if enough people have not registered.


Group Classes:  $50 per person

Private Lessons:  $150 for the first hour and a half, $50 for every additional half hour.  A typical class lasts for an hour and a half. Ingredients are not included. Gift cards are valid for a year. Prices subject to change.


What is a Cooking Coach?

You already know something, or, quite a lot about cooking. A cooking coach takes you to the next level, teaching you how to work with new ingredients, use new cooking techniques, choose new recipes.

Are the recipes complicated?

I will focus on fairly easy recipes with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The recipes only look and taste like they’ve taken hours!

Do you customize your recipes to my tastes?

Absolutely! I will chat with you to find out what you like and dislike and
then choose recipes according to your flavor profile.

What type of cuisine do we learn how to cook?

We cook a variety of cuisines. I try to use an eclectic mix of Indian, Italian and Southwestern cuisines in my cooking. We will also focus on menus that are kid friendly.

What type of ingredients do we use?

Sharing Plate focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients using recipes low in saturated fats lots of fresh fish, chicken, or lean meats coupled with fresh vegetables and whole grains.

Will you help me with meal planning and organization?

Yes. I will show you how to quickly create meal plans, organize recipes
and stock your pantry.

Where do we cook?

We can cook in my kitchen or yours.

Who buys the ingredients?

If the class is in my house, I will provide the ingredients. If it is in your house, you will have a choice of providing the ingredients.

What do I need to supply?

Pots, pans and knives.

How is the price determined?

I offer a customized and exclusive service. Prices are determined by your specific needs and desires.

How long will the classes take?

A typical cooking class takes about 1-2 hours. We discuss the recipes and ingredients, prepare the food, cook, taste, critique and clean up.

Would the cooking classes be a good gift?


Can I call you if I have questions between cooking sessions?

Yes! Please call me with any recipe or ingredient questions in between your one-on-one sessions.

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