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October 2011
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Spiced Shredded Cabbage with Coconut

October 31, 2011   

Spiced Shredded Cabbage

This is one my husbands favorite vegetable. Basically if I make cauliflower and cabbage everyday- he would be happy. I love cauliflower as well but cabbage.. not so much. It is not that I don’t like cabbage, I just don’t seek it out. If someone cooks it for me, I will eat it but I don’t think of making it.

So, while we were food shopping together, he reminded me of how I have not made cabbage in a long time. We bought some cabbage and I decided to come up with this recipe. It is not an original- you will find such a preparation in South Indian restaurants.

It starts with a mixture of some delicious spices- cumin, coriander, mustard and fennel seeds. I roasted and ground them up. This mixture gives the dish a fantastic flavor along with the curry leaves and shredded coconut. Any vegetable with all that flavor will come out delicious…

Try this preparation next time you have cabbage in your fridge…
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Spinach Polenta

October 19, 2011   

Shrimp in Poblano Sauce and Spinach Polenta This dish can be served on its own- not just as a  side… it is that substantial and delicious. I decided a while ago to experiment with polenta- to me it is like a blank canvas.. one can add anything to it to enhance the flavor.

For this one, I sauteed raisins and pine nuts in some olive oil. I then added thawed, chopped spinach and cooked it down for a bit. It was then time to add the a mixture of chicken broth and milk and the delicious polenta. I cooked it and seasoned it with salt and cheese- that was it. It took no time to make the dish but it was amazing with the shrimp dish.

Try it next time you are confused about making a side dish…
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Shrimp in Poblano Sauce

October 18, 2011   

Shrimp in Poblano Sauce with Spinach Polenta This is one of my favorite dishes I have made recently. I love, love Latin flavored foods right now- somehow the phase has lasted a long time. Every time I start thinking of cooking something, I can only think of smoked paprika, poblano peppers, etc.

We all love shrimp- and I wanted to make something quick and delicious- so I roasted some poblano peppers with green tomatoes and onion- all of which I bought at the farmers market. I then blended the vegetables and made a sauce.

I then sauteed the shrimp in a pan, took them out and cooked the green sauce in the same pan- the shrimp flavor was all over the delicious sauce. The dish was amazing- I wanted to take it a step further and served it with a delicious polenta… stay tuned.
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Bok Choy and Tofu Stir Fry with Tamarind and Orange Sauce

October 17, 2011   

Tofu bok choy and mushroom stir fry Did I mention mushrooms are a staple in my house? Well, I meant it. Here I am with another recipe that includes cremini mushrooms. I somehow don’t end up buying the white variety- not sure why but I prefer the brown ones.

This is a one-pot meal as well. I paired it with firm tofu and bok choy. As I was making the dish, I realized I was making a vegetarian dish. I love using tofu as much as I can. We all love it and don’t miss eating meat at all.

In fact I find myself making a couple of vegetarian meals a week- it is healthy and forces one to eat a variety of foods.

The tamarind orange sauce is delicious with the mix of vegetables and tofu. I served this delicious dish on yummy brown rice. The whole family loved it!
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Morel Mushroom Risotto

October 12, 2011   

Mushroom Risotto This is a very sophisticated meal- if I do say so… oh, and it is very delicious as well…

It started off with me buying the frozen, marinated lamb chops from Trader Joes. I don’t buy any prepared food- accept this one. It is perfectly marinated and is delicious. It is not cheap but totally worth the price. Speaking of price- this meal is not very cheap to put together but is definitely worth every bit. In addition to the lamb chops this meal has a very rich mushroom risotto. It included dried morels which are super flavorful. I soaked them in some warm water to reconstitute them. I then used them to make a delicious risotto. It also includes a variety of wild mushrooms. To add more mushroom flavor, I also used delicious mushroom broth to cook the risotto. I then topped the risotto and the lamb chops with some mixed greens tossed in lemon juice, olive oil and salt.

Definitely try this one…..
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Mushroom Mattar (Mushrooms and Peas)

October 10, 2011   

Mushroom Mattar I feel I have not posted any Indian dishes in a while. I end up making Indian food at lease once a week but sometimes I skip it- the problem is, there are so many other dishes to make… and I forget about the basic stuff. My daughter reminds me if it has been a while.

I thought I would post this very easy and quick dish that can be served as the main entree or as a side with chicken or fish. I usually serve it with lentils on the side and freshly made rotis.

I start with Cremini mushrooms- one can use the white variety as well but I like these better. I saute some cumin seeds along with garlic and ginger. Typically this dish has onions as well but I decided to keep it onion free- no real reason.. just didn’t feel like cutting an onion. The rest is easy- the mushrooms are added along with some spices and frozen peas.

My daughter loves mushrooms and doesn’t like peas so much- but she eats this dish without a problem…. I sometimes need to remind her to finish the peas… enjoy!
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Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo

October 9, 2011   

Gumbo I have never made gumbo before. I decided to give it a try- why not? All I need is a good recipe… so I decided to do some research and found a few recipes which I combined and tweaked and came up with my version of gumbo.

As an Indian- I am very familiar with okra- which is a key ingredient in gumbo. I decided to use fresh okra instead of frozen. I prefer the fresh variety especially if I can find it. I usually buy it at the Indian grocery stores. The frozen variety is perfectly acceptable in case one can’t find the fresh.

This dish does have quite a few ingredients- so may be this is more suitable for the weekend. I served it with rice and a nice white wine. The best part of the dish is that it is a one pot meal- I love cooking them.

Try this recipe and let me know what you think…
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