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April 17, 2016
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So, we caught a noon high speed train from Nuremberg to Berlin.  We had indulged in a huge breakfast at the hotel so we were not anticipating hunger..but I did buy some potato chips to enjoy with sekt(German sparkling wine), which I have discovered on this trip…it is delicious and best of all, it is very reasonably priced!
The journey was 5 hours, so I watched some shows I had downloaded from amazon…did you know, if you are a prime member, you can download a whole variety of shows on your device…all you need to do is download the prime app and you are all there are some really good original amazon shows…perfect for travel.
Anyway, after watching some shows, a nap, a glass of wine and some chips, we arrived in Berlin! My husband had described Berlin as a vast, well planned city….and it was very apparent as we came out.  What a contrast…with all the places we have been to in the past week….

Anyway, I digress…we got to our hotel, unpacked a bit and decided to venture out a bit before finding a place for dinner as it was already around 6 pm. Berlin has no city center as it is a very vast city and has a bunch of different neighborhoods… we were staying in the bitte neighborhood know for shops and restaurants- more of an up and coming area….As I mentioned, Berlin is huge and everything is farther away than it looks on the map- we walked around a bit and then decided we wanted a change and were in the mood for some Asian food. We found a great, highly rated Thai place and started to make our way there… it took us a bit to get there and when we did- it turns out, the eatery was closed permanently… what??.. we were quite disappointed.. we then decided to find the best place we could close to where we were and that was Otito, a Vietnamese and Japanese place- turns out, in Europe, a lot of Asian restaurants consolidate a bunch of Asian cuisines and serve it under one roof! Well, we figured out the owners are Vietnamese and not Japanese and decided to order Vietnamese dishes..


The food was quite good.. we enjoyed it with some wine and made our way back as we were quite tired…

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