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One Day In Nuremberg!

April 13, 2016
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I woke up at 6:15 to get ready, have breakfast and walk over to the train station to catch a train to Nuremberg- sleep is over rated on vacation! We had to change in Munich and finally got in around noon.  Yet again my dear hubby had done amazing research and booked us in hotel Drei Raben which was literary ten minutes walking…right in the old part of town. 
Our room was not ready so we decided to drop our luggage off in the hotel and go to the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds….which was fascinating…it took us a few hours there as it is a vast museum.
We came back to the old town and decided to go for a snack as we were a bit hungry…opted for a cafe that served Prosecco and coffee and cake, of course…we opted for an apple cake and a pear cake…so good!


We then came back to our hotel as it had started to rain….we took an hour break in the room and came back out once it stopped raining. We just walked around everywhere in the old city- it is an old historic city, quite small and not very populated. It kind of reminded me of Edinburgh… maybe because it was kind of chilly and rainy.. overall, a very nice place.
I had already started to do research about dinner. I noticed there were loads of Italian restaurants, cafes and restaurants… even the food markets we saw were all Italian… lots of gelato places as well- I guess everyone love Italian food… since we had a yummy Italian meal last night, I did not want to go to the another Italian place, so we found a very highly rated very traditional German place called, Zum
Albrecht Duerer Haus. It was a very traditional German, cozy space inside with very friendly owners. We ordered their popular potato and bacon soup, bratwurst lasagna and a perch (fish) dish. All the entrees were very delicious. We had beer and house wine which was excellent as well.



Considering this was our only meal in Nuremberg, I think we did really well! I then ordered the rhubarb crumble with coconut ice cream… yum.. that was a really good choice as well…


Overall, it was a great day- yet again… we walked back to the hotel where they were serving a welcome drink- a delicious glass of white wine for me. We sat in the lobby and relaxed a bit before making our way up to our room. We have a noon train to Berlin tomorrow, so we have a bit more time to walk around the city in the morning… Looking forward to Berlin!!

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